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The Sunrise Movement is a national movement of young people united in solidarity to bring an end to the climate crisis, fight for social, economic and racial justice, and create millions of good paying jobs in the process. Founded in 2017, Sunrise held the core idea that a massive, disruptive grassroots movement, led by those who will be most impacted, is what is needed to stop the climate crisis. As a nonviolent movement, our main goal is to stop climate change and create millions of good-paying jobs in the process. We are youth from all walks of life and strive to connect through our stories and our differences. We fight for Green New Deal policies in our communities and in our country through working with legislators, protesting, and electing green new deal champions.


Sunrise Westchester is a hub within the Sunrise Movement that serves to enact change on a local level. We do the most important work: growing participation, elevating the urgency of climate change, and challenging to win political power.  Ensuring a bright and habitable future starts here. 





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Although COVID-19 has prevented us from holding in-person meetings, we still meet every week on Zoom to connect with members of the Hub. 


Coordinates initiatives and action events across Westchester. This team collaborates with local groups to advocate for climate, social justice, and environmental solutions. It is divided into campaign-specific subcommittees so that hub members can commit themselves to initiatives they are interested in. Led by Fatimah Khan and Nora Lowe.

Outreach works to expand our hub and get support for both the Westchester hub and the Sunrise National Movement campaigns and initiatives. This team is responsible for canvassing/tabling, organizing, recruitment with new members, managing the hub’s sign up form, creating Sunrise pamphlets, & contacting other Sunrise hubs/environmental groups for events and initiatives. Led by Jane Zeltner and Hannah Adler. 



As a new hub, one of our primary goals is to expand and establish ourselves. With our Instagram account, we graphic design as a marketing tool to promote Sunrise’s work. Posting relevant and consistent content is hugely important to keep our community informed and involved in the fight for climate and social justice! Led by Jen Novick.





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